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For Performance in 9 Steps

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Catan Strategy Guide

Change how you think about Catan, your opponents, and level up your play!

Mark has won the Catan Canadian Championships (2005), won the Catan Masters Championship (2013), and participated in the Catan World Championships (2005).
This is not just a book of rules, scenarios, and statistics, it is a book written to change the way you think about Catan. Learn the intricacies of the game, and show you how to solve problems using methods implemented by the top players in the world. In order to win you will need to learn how to think through a situation and develop your own winning strategy. Whatever level of play you are currently at, the additional skills you will learn by reading this book will significantly improve your Catan gaming ability.

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Barbell Training Notebook

Planner and templates to track your performance - Understand fatigue and its relationship to training

Utilizing the Pre-Fatigue Wheel to Encourage Proper Decisions

This journal will help you understand fatigue and its relationship to training. Furthermore, it’ll help you track and understand your performance for a given training day. It includes a template for you to utilize and fill out to supplement and guide your training decisions.

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Preparing For Lifting Performance

Plan. Do. Review.

This book highlights the coach/athlete relationship as it is the crux of the development of a successful athlete. Without complete trust in a coach an athlete will not reach their potential. The book then builds off of this foundation and explains comprehensible methods for setting goals, training and competing in "the zone", prescribing training loads and recovery techniques for a wide range of athletes.

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Preparing For Lifting Performance

Sometimes it is easy to become complacent in our own training styles. We know what works for us and eventually stop exploring other methods. Unfortunately, this can lead to key elements of an athlete's experience being lost. The soft skills of training and competing often take a back seat to the technical aspects of performance.  This book inspires you to train the muscle between your ears as much as you train the rest of the athlete.

Brad Gerbrandt MSc, CEP-CSEP, CSCS-NSCA

Catan Strategy

Catan Strategy isn't just a book of the best ways to win Catan, it's a biography of a champion. In fact, if Mark Oxer writes another book, I'd love to read more experiences from the conventions and venues he's been to, what kinds of people he's met, and more about other games he's played, Catan and other titles.

Tony - Gaming Reviewer

Preparing For Lifting Performance

Chapter 3 was fascinating! Could honestly be an independent blog post. One of the best explanations of goal setting and all it’s intricacies that I have come across. Great read!

Philip Jalalpoor, Olympic Athlete -  Iran Men's National Basketball Team 

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